Personnel Services

We have access to several personnel services to help with your video production

We've got you Covered

RTA Video offers a broad selection of personnel services from “script to screen and everything in between.”

Script Writer

If your video project requires scripting, we are here to help you. If it involves creation from scratch, RTA will do it for you. If you have created a script and would like us to give it a second look, we will bring an outside view from an audience perspective to ensure the story is correctly represented. Our scriptwriters will work with you to create a professionally crafted document reflecting your organization at its best.

Models & Actors

A professional spokesperson can tremendously upgrade your video’s impact when required. We have a vast resource of talent that we can present, and you can select the one you prefer. We will provide a selection of video and audio audition tapes for you. If you need more information or a meeting, just contact us.

Voice-Over Talent

Ahh, the intriguing sound of a professional voice-over is just perfect for your video project. Don’t worry. We have access to hundreds of voice-over personalities with various styles and flavors of tone and presentation. Again, we will provide some options that fit your needs and work with you through the process. In all of our production processes, we keep you involved to guarantee your satisfaction throughout.

Make-Up Services

You may prefer to do your own, but should you need some help, we will provide a make-up artist for you before videotaping. We would like to see you looking your best. You make the decision, and we will look after you.

Ready to get your Next project Started?

Tell us about your next project and a member of our team will schedule a call to go over the details. We will be in touch within 1 – 2 business days.